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Winter Fortress by Neal Bascomb


winter fortress by neal bascomb

The Winter Fortress by Neal Bascomb tells the gripping true story of a group of Norwegian resistance fighters who embarked on a daring mission during World War II. Their objective was to sabotage the German efforts to develop an atomic bomb by destroying the heavy water plant located in the remote Norwegian village of Rjukan.

The book details the challenges faced by the resistance fighters as they navigated treacherous terrain, battled extreme weather conditions, and worked undercover to gather intelligence and execute their plan. It offers a thrilling account of their audacious efforts to prevent Hitler's regime from obtaining a potentially devastating weapon.

Neal Bascomb is known for his meticulous research and engaging storytelling, and "The Winter Fortress" is considered one of his notable works

The book is praised for its thorough research, engaging storytelling, and its ability to transport readers back to the intense and high-stakes atmosphere of World War II. Bascomb's attention to detail and his ability to bring the true events to life have been commended by many readers.

Reviewers have also appreciated the book's focus on the lesser-known aspect of the Norwegian resistance and their mission to sabotage the German atomic bomb project. It sheds light on the courageous actions of these individuals and their crucial contributions to the war effort.

Personally, I found this book very intriguing and detailed as I am fond of history, especially the untold events that occurred during World War I and II will never cease to fascinate me.

History lovers and people who are fond of strategies, tactics, the atmosphere of World Wars and obviously edge-of-the-seat story-telling will get much more than their money's worth when buying this book!


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