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A Cheerful Chapter To Cherish

A couple of weeks ago, I completed my internship at a government corporation dedicated to serving disabled individuals. Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed assisting the employees, facilitating their work, and being a part of the heartening experience of witnessing the smiles of the people with unique challenges.

During this period, I was staying at my uncle's residence. Unfortunately, I had to bid farewell as my tenure came to an end. While packing my bags, I observed my little cousin, who is around 5 or 6 years old, in tears over something. In a light-hearted manner, I inquired about the commotion from my aunt. She explained that his distress stemmed from his reluctance to see me depart and his sincere desire for me to extend my stay by an additional week.

Even to this day, a smile crosses my face whenever I reminisce about that moment. It marked the initial instance in my life when I encountered something inherently pure.

Small incidents like this brighten my entire week, or even a month, and help me maintain a positive outlook, eagerly anticipating the experiences that life has to offer!

Just wanted to share this moment since I wanted to propagate some of the wholesomeness to you as well :)

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