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Glimpse Of Happiness

In the vibrant water park, alive with joyful sounds,

An old woman sits upon her wheelchair, her presence so profound.

She gazes at the children, their laughter in the air,

Their playful sprits dancing, without or a care.

So as she sits, a witness to their laughter and their play,

She cherishes the magic of each fleeting, precious day.

Their innocence calming, like a gentle breeze,

Filling her heart with warmth, putting her at ease.

Her eyes shimmer with memories of days gone by,

When she too revelled in childhood's endless sky.

Though her body may be tethered, her spirit flares,

As she imagines her laughter intertwined with theirs.

In the water park's embrace, a sanctuary she finds,

A haven for her spirit, where her dreams and hopes unwind.

She sees herself in the children, their zest for life so pure,

And through their playful joy, her own dreams find a cure.

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Aug 17, 2023

This is what exactly my mother is going through. aptly Said in the poem

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