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Tipping Point : The Threshold For Anything

Everything in this world has a certain threshold and a tipping point. The tipping point here which you're going to read about is that magic moment when an idea, trend or social behaviour crosses a threshold and spreads like wildfire.

It is common for every thing to transform, may it be positive or negative. The moment something transforms, there is no going back until a certain period of time. Take you as a example, was there any moment where you thought that you needed to change for the better ? Well, that was your tipping point. You might have changed since then or you might haven't. If you haven't, what might be the cause for it ?

Tipping point is easy to reach but to cross it you need to put some amount of mental or physical force. So, what should you do to cross that ? It's very simple. Switch off the distractions and focus only on how you need to change. In some cases, you should let go of the things you thought mattered for example deleting a gaming app you made progress in (totally not me). Once you have scaled the peak of the tipping point you will have everything going along you.

Crossing tipping point is a process where you cultivate and develop your habits which will guide you to your goals. While it requires time, it most definitely works! Nothing is more important and achieving your goals. Keep in mind that short time distractions will exist such as games, social media, an unavoidable quest that life gives you. If such things don't exist what's the fun in teenage life. Just make sure you avoid them to the minimal level and spend time for your future. Remember ! your future self is always watching you through his/her memories, its up to you whether to make him/her proud.

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